Taste the best of Greece Foodies with Yolenis.eu

yolonisIf you are among foodies, returning from their trips with suitcases full of local products and delicacies, and then you live with a sense of nostalgia, because you have no way to get back, you have good news.

The solution came in and said www.yolenis.eu .

This is a huge online delicatessen, highly updated with goodies from all over Greece: almost 900 local products, from reputable producers of 120 Greek countryside, rich with references to the history and ecosystem of each region, with many delicious recipes with intelligent combinations of food and drink and the “Table of the Month” to dominate the home “paved” with products and recipes of the season.

And all this in an “environment” aesthetic, with easy navigation, with beautiful photography and fully informative video recipe.

In the “shelves” of http://www.yolenis.eu. will find the best Greek products: the famous sausage Sary, the buffalo sausages The Chasapaki, roe Trikalinos, the morsels of Simon, the Lemnian Chryssafi cheese, cheese of the Andros Asouti, the draft Slice of Kourouniotis, the varietal honeys Meligyris, the Mouratolia Domaine Vassilakis, Astarte organic olive oil, mushrooms Dirfis, flour of Trinity Farm and Mills Pantazis, the Santorini products Santo, snails Escargot de Crete, puree garlic Vangelis Driskos green stuffed olives from Rovies, wonderful jams Dolopia, pasta from Chian Pantry, the Chian sweet Citrus and more.

And the best come to your door … with a click!
Orders are executed immediately and is free for all Greece.

Do not waste time!
Make your trip to explore the taste through the http://www.yolenis.eu and discover the best kept secret in the Mediterranean: the unique products of Greek land!



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