www.yolenis.eu: The tasteful online world In Europe

Yolenis.euhttp://www.yolenis.eu is a pioneered online delicatessen authentic products from every corner of Greece: more than 800 products with local character, from reputable producers of 105 Greek countryside, rich with references to the history and ecosystem of each region, with many delicious recipes, with varying combinations of food and drink and the “Table of the Month” to dominate the home “paved” with products and recipes of the season.

Created by a passionate group of young people who love Greece and want to show international gastronomic wealth. Their vision is to enable anyone, wherever located, to obtain easily the unique products of the Greek land. The tour is an exciting http://www.yolenis.eu ‘exploration experience “through an” environment “aesthetic with beautiful photography, with video recipes with multimedia applications.

H Yoleni’s packaging is designed so that it consists of natural materials in earthy colors, 100% recyclable materials, always with respect for people and the environment. The tree logo is a symbol of nature, evolution and infinite creativity. It is these values ​​inspire and unite the team Yoleni’s in an effort to enrich our product list in e-shop, to create new relationships with producers, to propose new recipes in collaboration with experienced Greek chefs, evolve and evolve constantly.

In this way, each visitor has ever new reasons to come to the online world of http://www.yolenis.eu. A new authentic world flavors, filled with the sights and smells of the Mediterranean culinary tradition.


The journey begins in taste with a click!


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