A Tasty Web Identity Greek paradise!

105 Greek producers, 75 sites and 800 different products is the backbone of http://www.Yolenis.com, a group of young people who love Greece and trying to show the international gastronomic wealth. A pioneer flavor Surfer heaven, where, with a simple “click” invades every home.
Arriving at the place, which is the electronic Delicatessen, surprised you meet just young people. You discover a modern form of distribution, the most rare and pure agricultural products, while impressed by the stories that carry the places and producers cultivate.

Passing rapidly offices directed to the depth, where are the most important tasks. I am among huge shelves are flooded with unique Greek products. Just beyond the necessary materials for the preparation, placing on packaging and wrapping to be ready for delivery.

The first questions concern the name and symbol of the company. “It’s a combination of two Greek traditional names – Panagiota and Elena. We liked the result «Yoleni’s» is a word that is pronounced the same in all languages. Our symbol is the olive in a circle. The tree is the main product of the Mediterranean diet, and represents longevity and fertility. The circle symbolizes the world, the fullness and perfection, “he replies, the coordinator Marketing, John Georgiadis.

“We are a site with the best Greek products without middlemen. The only charge to the consumer is the transport costs, it is worth mentioning that the traditions in Greece and Europe performed more often even the same day. Usually the time needed is from 16 to 36 hours. In addition to our immediate goals is to create a site per country distribution. You say you can buy Greek products even with 9.90 euros of transport within the European Union, “said Yannis Georgiadis, when I ask him for the purpose of Yoleni’s

Undoubtedly, what your interest is piqued by the packaging Yoleni’s, which resembles the old grocery stores, only paper and string. “It is designed so that it consists of natural materials in earthy colors, 100% recyclable materials, always with respect for people and the environment,” says supply chain manager, Anthony Simos.

“We focus on detail, which is why those who have chosen us come back and try other dishes. For someone looking to eat, not just want products that can be found everywhere, but prefers unique flavors, with fresh ingredients and no preservatives, we cover 100% of the options. The most important thing is to know what you sell and if the love will go well, “adds Anthony.

In Yoleni’s is sure to have made a great effort to reach their endeavor in every home. In the basement, to the surprise will meet their own studio, in which are separate photographs, creating and directing several videos with high aesthetic spikaz and subtitles in three languages, so that the consumer will visit the site to tour the magical world tastes, experiencing a thrilling exploration.

I get lost in the volume of information of each product and the story hidden. Salt flakes, collected by local craftsmen in Kythira, through natural cavities created the rocks, Santorini fava beans, jams and fruit juice rather than sugar, squid ink tagliatelle and roe Mesolonghi one of the 30 best of all world, are some of the packages to travel to various locations. A little further, my eyes standing in the Dinkel Noodles ‘Agrozymis’, which are made with flour from an ancient grain with a long history, the Zeia, rich in magnesium and known as brain food.

Then, discuss with the CEO, Mr. Nick Blowjob, objectives and future of Yoleni’s. “We perform a try and open a market that does not exist. Making huge research work with the logic that has as its main objective the promotion of the manufacturer, place and with the product. It took us three years to set it up, we work in many people, when everyone else turned away. The majority of the investment is of course from our pockets and everyone understands that we are talking about a huge risk. The Greek is accustomed to getting only the grandfather and grandmother or consume engine oil from the supermarket. We managed to have affordable products, we are a boutique food and cost much less than the big shops. So, our idea was simple, everyone has access to traditional products that can not be easily found.

The truth of course is that the approach of the producer is the hardest part, because people are tired. They no longer have the mind to hear stories like ours. Unfortunately there is no patience to let something run, but we continue and we rely on those who believe us. It is understood that many accept mail from people who want to sell their products, but not certified.

The fact is, that the producers for many years subsidies ate in cafes, so now, ideas that deserve not to hear. In just their excuse is that certainly does not live with the advertising, but only if you buy it, “says Mr. Pipe.

I wonder why in times of crisis to turn the consumer market products online and I have to say that the answer given by Mr. Pipe is enlightening. “Today the issue of the food searching, learning to seek. In the period of bliss not to care, food to eat out at restaurants. We have no other weapons, only respect for the Greek products and only motivated by passion and desire of young people you see here. The big challenge for us is the foreign market because above all we believe that Greek products were to be found everywhere, something that does not happen. The Greek is difficult to sense the online option, but in five years is sure to only shop from there. ”

Shortly before I left, in the basement of the building, I notice an unexpected image that certifies something discern everywhere the Greek identity. At noon, about two, sitting at a large table and eat together, telling stories from producers and people encountered in different locations, thus acting as a big family.

Info: The video for her family www.yolenis.eu


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