Modern Greek recipes | Greek Mediterranean Cooking & Cuisine

Here, you may find traditional as well as modern greek recipes. Since Greek people have a tradition in tasty, healthy, Mediterranean cooking, I would like to present some of those recipes that are part of everyday cooking in my family and not only!

aromatic-parsley-pesto-marinated-shrimp biscuits-with-honey biscuits-with-olive-oil-oats-and-chocolate black-tea-cardamom-mastiha-and-honey-beverage broccoli-salad-with-raisins-pumpkin-seeds-and-yoghurt-sauce calzone-with-caramelized-apples celeriac-soup-with-apple-and-crispy-prosciutto chicken-drumsticks-in-a-ceramic-pot-with-raisins-and-molasses chocolate-mousse-with-olive-oil dessert-with-yoghurt-glazed-chestnut-and-round-barley-rusk fish-fillet-with-fennel-root-salad-and-olive-oil-and-citrus-fruit-dressing goat-cheesecake-with-figs greek-salad-with-cherry-tomatoes green-tea-and-honey-cake honey-yoghurt-cheesecakes mastic-scented-calamari-w-whole-wheat-pasta pickled-vegetables-and-orange-salad small-cheese-buns-with-chia-seeds smoked-eel-salad-with-celery-walnuts-and-olive-oil-and-lemon-sauce-with-ouzo yoghurt-mousse-with-grape-spoon-sweet-and-fig-nougat-with-honey


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